Full Maintenance Lease

Comprehensive fleet management

With our Full Maintenance Lease solution (FML), we will take care of every aspect of fleet management for you. This solution allows you to lease different, fit-for-purpose vehicles at a fixed monthly cost for a set period or distance. Our fleet experts will be with you every step of the way to consult on everything from choosing the right vehicles, to sourcing and procuring the vehicle, financing, managing and maintaining the vehicle and eventually, disposing of it at the end of the contract.

Avis Fleet takes on all the risks involved with owning and maintaining vehicles, including providing the capital finance and carrying the maintenance and resale risk.

You retain the option to take ownership at the end of the lease. If ownership is not required, Avis Fleet’s standard FML takes over ALL the risks and the vehicle ownership.

We aren’t a system, we are a fleet management company that consists of people who are dedicated to your fleet – from face-to-face support in monthly meetings to easily accessible reports, guidance and efficient tools that include our Fleet Interactive portal and the Avis Fleet App.