Fuel Remote Web

Easily control your depot's fuel

Fuel Remote Web is a web-based application that easily controls and manages the fuel in your depot. With this solution, reports and recons are accessible anytime and anywhere. There is a unique calculated litres feature for greater control over fuel used at depots and numerous system validations that help to identify problems. Customers can choose between a standard and customised reporting capability and there’s also the option for multiple validated users.

All transactions are easily captured on our safe online platform for line-by-line analysis by our fuel management bureau.

Fuel Remote Web can be accessed for security information including on-site tank and transaction processing assessments and tank access and security.

Fleet Managers can keep their eye on every fuel-related activity with features that include dipstick (tank meter) readings, transaction recording, daily recons, stock replenishment and fuel depot management. You can also use Fuel Remote Web as a capture tool for on-road transactions.