Fleet Interactive

Assessing the health and efficiency of your fleet

Fleet Interactive puts you in the driver’s seat – this portal will make staying on top of fleet management easier than ever. All your information is accessible 24 hours a day in real time. You (or your Fleet Administrator) will be able to make vehicle inquiries and view information on traffic fines, invoices and open-road tolling. The dashboard will give you access to your fleet overview. You will also be able to access reports and log any queries that you might have.

With Fleet Interactive, you can manage your daily fleet requirements at the touch of a button. Our Fleet Interactive portal provides you with a single platform for end-to-end fleet reporting.

This includes driver, vehicle, technical and cost reports as well as your own custom-made reports.

Our reporting platform was designed as a quick reference assistance tool for you to access information on every vehicle you have in your fleet, including contract details, vehicle inspection details, fuel transactions, full vehicle specifications etc. Fleet Interactive includes many different aspects, from keeping track of a driver's whereabouts to keeping fuel costs down, vehicle maintenance and, of course, road safety.